Evo 501 Altitudo

Low yields to obtain an oil that is richer in antioxidants

Our extra virgin olive oil 501 Altitudo, balanced and harmonious, is cold-pressed within a few hours from the harvest of the olives of our 501 secular trees, after a two-year conversion period to organic of Itrana, that is among the first three most appreciated cultivar in the world, according to   the NYIOOC (New York International Olive Oil Competition).

Our olive grove is placed at an altitude between 400 and 550 meters above sea level, on a slope between 20 and 30%, over steep limestone terrains, with southern or south-western exposure, towards the Mediterranean, in the municipality of Sonnino.

Altitude, exposure and zero-impact agricultural practices reduce yields, increase production costs but allow us to obtain in return an extra virgin olive oil that is naturally richer of antioxidants.

Chemical Analysis

Total Biophenols 565mg/kg Vitamin E 272mg/kg Oleic Acid 74% Acidity 0.2% Peroxide number 5 meq 02/kg

Sensory Analysis (carried out by a Mipaaf accredited panel test) Balanced oil, with a green fruity scent of medium intensity, medium pungent and bitter Fruity 3.6 Bitter 3.8 Pungent 4.1

Sensory profile

501 Altitudo has a medium to intense fruity aroma, a unique perception for the intensity of a hint of “green tomato” scent, with almond aftertaste and a typical fragrant herbaceous note.

The sensory profile is rounded off by a balanced perception of bitter and pungent that ease food pairing.