Itrana Alta Quota

Heroic, sustainable, nutraceutical olive-growing

Cold-extracted within a few hours from the harvest of the olives of 501 secular trees of Cultivar Itrana, up high in the hills, over terraced lands, implementing organic techniques.

3 Foglie Gambero  Rosso


Flos Olei 2023

Lodo 2023

Gold Award

Platinum Award
Berlin Gooa

Gold Award
Olive Japan

Gold Prize

Gold Award

Press release

More than 1,000 centuries-old Itrana trees: this is the precious heritage of Agresti 1902, a beautiful company located in one of the most vocational areas of the region

Il Gambero Rosso

The producer Agresti 1902 celebrates its entry into the world of high-quality extra virgin olive oil with a Gold Award for 501 Altitudo

Olive Oil Times

From the recovery of an olive grove inherited from grandparents, and thanks to sustainable processing, Agresti 1902 has come to a production that has won full awards

La Repubblica

501 Altitudo is a new entry among Gambero Rosso’s 3 Leaves 2022. Balanced and harmonious, it is rich in antioxidants

Cook Corriere della Sera

The difficulties in cultivating olive groves at high altitudes are compensated for by the quality of the oil, which has a higher concentration of vitamin E

Il Messaggero

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Tons of CO2 sequestration every year


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Secular olive trees

Qui radichi e cresca!
Non vuole, per crescere, ch’aria, che sole, che tempo, l’ulivo

Giovanni Pascoli